Monday, April 19, 2010


It took me a bunch of hours... including redoing some of their personality traits, and changing some clothes... the most tedious would have been finding the best skin for them and make-up and accessories~!! BWAAAAHH~!!! \(>A<)/ Feliciano Vargas = Italia Veneciano
Ludwig(it's either Germany or Beilschmidt for his last name XD) = Germany
Honda Kiku = Japan
Arthur Kirkland = England/The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I changed his haaaaaiiiir >u<) Francis Bonnefoy = France Alfred F. Jones = The United States of America
Ivan Braginsky = Russia (I wish I took pics of them in everyday clothing instead >3<) Wang Yao = ChinaLovino Vargas = Italia Romano(I love their ahoge X3)Gilbert Beilschmidt = Prussia~!

The following are just a bunch of attempts~ XDD
Natalia/Natasha Arlovskaya = Belarus
"Yekaterina 'Katyusha' Braginskaya" = Ukraine (Ukraine-san doesn't have an official name yet :o That's just what some fans call her :3)(Ukraine's most common superpower(if you know what I mean XD) is actually there, I used a basic slider mod for them :3 You can see 'em in the link below :3)
Matthew/Matthieu Williams = Who? (Nah, I'm kidding~ >u<>u<) Canada Elizaveta Hedervary = Hungary(-onee-sama \(>0<)/) "Lili/Lily Zwingli" = Liechtenstein (Just a nickname by fans~ :3)
Roderich Edelstein = Austria (Just... just look at his face, okay~? orz I need to find some decent hair for him...~ >3> Any ideas~?)
Vash/Vasch Zwingli = Switzerland (I actually had him wear a cute little hat, but meh~ I want to change his hair too~ :o But I can't find anything better yet~ :o)

More random pics here~!

Don't look too far~! XDD

Stuff to post next:
-The Axis Powers(And Germany's and Italy's brothers XD)' adventures OTL
-Nyotalia~! ♥

...I was going to put up credits for the stuff I used, but it's not needed unless the sims you're modelling are up for download or something, so, meh~ :3 Unless you guys want me to, of course~ :3 ... give credit, that is~ XDDD

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