Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As promised...

Boys being boys... kind of~
Italy goes for a nice bowl of Mac and Cheese, Japan settles for some salad(blood pressure, you see~ >u>) and Germany... Germany's cleaning the dishes... again
Prussia raves about how being alone is the best thing ever...
... then promptly chokes on his hotdog/wurst.
"Onaka suitaaaa~ = o ="

A game of mental warfare

Japan makes his move...
...and somehow BOTH of them are stumped about it...
Sitting like he should (not).
D'aww X3
"LOOK AT HIM! He's pathetic!! STOP BEING SO FRIENDLY WITH THESE LOSERS, VENEZIANO!! >A<" ...I think he secretly likes having people around...
Germany goes past Romano's strange hands and glares directly at you D:

Twin-sized bed~ >u<
I... don't know anymore...

-better pics of the characters...?

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