Monday, April 12, 2010

Your obligatory beach scene...

Inspired by this pic:

Eto... it helps if you read it from bottom-up~ :D ...I'msosorrypleasedon'thurtme

Where is that dramatic sunset when you need it~?! >:33
Uhh... yeah. That's nice, France.
Made up already? XD
America tries to cheer England up by... being a daredevil and eating sand...
"Onii-san can take you anytime~! >:D"
...I so saw this coming...
Oww, it gets personal~
You git! D:< England being England and France being France by arguing with each other... orz
The Allied Forces...

Japan didn't bother to listen.Germany disapproves.
Italy has a plan~!
Alfred stands alone...?
England disapproves of your booty shorts, France.
I think the Allies saw Grandpa Rome XDDD

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