Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As promised...

Boys being boys... kind of~
Italy goes for a nice bowl of Mac and Cheese, Japan settles for some salad(blood pressure, you see~ >u>) and Germany... Germany's cleaning the dishes... again
Prussia raves about how being alone is the best thing ever...
... then promptly chokes on his hotdog/wurst.
"Onaka suitaaaa~ = o ="

A game of mental warfare

Japan makes his move...
...and somehow BOTH of them are stumped about it...
Sitting like he should (not).
D'aww X3
"LOOK AT HIM! He's pathetic!! STOP BEING SO FRIENDLY WITH THESE LOSERS, VENEZIANO!! >A<" ...I think he secretly likes having people around...
Germany goes past Romano's strange hands and glares directly at you D:

Twin-sized bed~ >u<
I... don't know anymore...

-better pics of the characters...?

Monday, April 19, 2010


It took me a bunch of hours... including redoing some of their personality traits, and changing some clothes... the most tedious would have been finding the best skin for them and make-up and accessories~!! BWAAAAHH~!!! \(>A<)/ Feliciano Vargas = Italia Veneciano
Ludwig(it's either Germany or Beilschmidt for his last name XD) = Germany
Honda Kiku = Japan
Arthur Kirkland = England/The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I changed his haaaaaiiiir >u<) Francis Bonnefoy = France Alfred F. Jones = The United States of America
Ivan Braginsky = Russia (I wish I took pics of them in everyday clothing instead >3<) Wang Yao = ChinaLovino Vargas = Italia Romano(I love their ahoge X3)Gilbert Beilschmidt = Prussia~!

The following are just a bunch of attempts~ XDD
Natalia/Natasha Arlovskaya = Belarus
"Yekaterina 'Katyusha' Braginskaya" = Ukraine (Ukraine-san doesn't have an official name yet :o That's just what some fans call her :3)(Ukraine's most common superpower(if you know what I mean XD) is actually there, I used a basic slider mod for them :3 You can see 'em in the link below :3)
Matthew/Matthieu Williams = Who? (Nah, I'm kidding~ >u<>u<) Canada Elizaveta Hedervary = Hungary(-onee-sama \(>0<)/) "Lili/Lily Zwingli" = Liechtenstein (Just a nickname by fans~ :3)
Roderich Edelstein = Austria (Just... just look at his face, okay~? orz I need to find some decent hair for him...~ >3> Any ideas~?)
Vash/Vasch Zwingli = Switzerland (I actually had him wear a cute little hat, but meh~ I want to change his hair too~ :o But I can't find anything better yet~ :o)

More random pics here~!

Don't look too far~! XDD

Stuff to post next:
-The Axis Powers(And Germany's and Italy's brothers XD)' adventures OTL
-Nyotalia~! ♥

...I was going to put up credits for the stuff I used, but it's not needed unless the sims you're modelling are up for download or something, so, meh~ :3 Unless you guys want me to, of course~ :3 ... give credit, that is~ XDDD

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Currently trying to bishounen-fy(wtf) her sims...

...While hopefully not making them ALL look Asian~ XDDD

Friday, April 16, 2010


I found lots of nice Hetalia stuff~!! X333

SnakeLegs is awesome for making this~!! X3

If you don't think Naked People Are Funny, don't go further:


It's France-NII-SAN.

And you know how he is.

You sure you wanna see this?

In my opinion it isn't even that bad~ XDD

Ready~? :3

Okay~ XD

If you insist~

Here we go~!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Your obligatory beach scene...

Inspired by this pic:

Eto... it helps if you read it from bottom-up~ :D ...I'msosorrypleasedon'thurtme

Where is that dramatic sunset when you need it~?! >:33
Uhh... yeah. That's nice, France.
Made up already? XD
America tries to cheer England up by... being a daredevil and eating sand...
"Onii-san can take you anytime~! >:D"
...I so saw this coming...
Oww, it gets personal~
You git! D:< England being England and France being France by arguing with each other... orz
The Allied Forces...

Japan didn't bother to listen.Germany disapproves.
Italy has a plan~!
Alfred stands alone...?
England disapproves of your booty shorts, France.
I think the Allies saw Grandpa Rome XDDD

Look here for more Hetalia madness~