Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Introduction, my lovelies~

Hey~ :3 I like creating sims that resemble certain anime characters, although I never really got into it in the first Sims game, I was quite the experimenter in Sims 2~ :3 Although I gave up on making actual meshes, I preferred just finding stuff close to what I need, alpha-editing them, and recoloring them a bit~ You could say I'm a bit of a pirate...~ But I've never put up my creations for download, so yeah~ XDDD And since my computer is really slow, I've only usually just seen my sims in Bodyshop, and never actually using them in game XDDD Except for my Yu Gi Oh sims, oh, how I loved them~ = u =

De wa, de wa~! I'm too lazy to explain everything~ = u = Ask and you shall be answered, right~? X3

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